Legal Translations into spanish

Law 30/1992 was passed in Spain, for which all the documents provided by the state in foreign countries, including former republics in the Soviet Union, must be translated into Spanish.

When submitting documents to the Spanish state, it must be noted that there are special rules in translation. These rules can be found in the law of "Рrocedimiento of legalization of foreign documents."

According to this process, there are several ways to translate these official documents. It is important that the document be translated into Spanish or Spanish language autonomous region by a sworn translator since this document automatically becomes a legal document. If this is not possible, then you better do the translation in the same country Consulate procedural located in Spain. In this case, the translator of the consulate should put his signature and seal. Thereafter, the document takes Madrid, the Spanish department legalization and cooperation. In last step the legalization process is completed

Often, people who come to Spain, they wonder how to legalize the certificate of no criminal record. Some handle alone the ruling of these certificates, while others will seek help in different ways. The latter, often fail to finish the process. In this way, the client has a very important document, in which information about their birth, marriage, family status, education, etc is reflected ... which als Spanish authorities refuse to accept for want of legalization in your country

This somewhat unpleasant surprise, removes unpleasant emotions, and nervous person asks how you can leave this certificate in Spain ....

Actually everything is easy !!!

Legalization of documents, means giving legal force. And this process is the final step in Spain on what you need to do to complete the process before delivering them to the authorities españolas.El legalization process is the most important and it is not an easy trabajp.

Our specialists will help you translate all documents necessary to deliver them to the Spanish authorities. We are not supposed no problem translating official documents into Spanish.
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